by Ritual Union with Brandi

Breast Salvation

To self –

I commit to you

I promise

you truth, I love you

– deeply –

I dive

You are

a sacred garden

I live for the responsibility

My cup overflows

an abundant root health

My medicine is sensual

giving love

I care for you more than I know

I too am able to care in incredible strength for others

We charm the world

with our recipe

I toast to you eternally

in happiness

in honor


your unique shape

is an unconditional freedom

you know what’s keeping you here

and you live

to share your gift

keep giving

I give to you

Massaging breasts every day helps you know them very well, to appreciate them, to detoxify, to nourish and tonify the tissues, to perk them up, to clear them of cystitis, to cleanse lymphatic system – promoting healthy relationship with breasts. Ritual Union has made a special breast salve for daily care. It makes your breasts smell like a delicious bakery too.

One of my practices in building a loving relationship with myself is to care for my breasts, not just as sexual tools, but a place of my heart. I like to draw the infinity symbol around them with loving intention – for masculine and feminine unity.  “Be balance forever.”  I use something I make, called  Breast Salvation.