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Month: April, 2014

Marshmallow Root, Mother of the Waves Star of the Seas


She is motherly and strongly protective. She cares deeply for all her children, cleansing them of sorrow. She does not easily lose her temper but when she does she can become destructive and violent like the Sea in a storm.

Yamaya, the Goddess of the living ocean, is considered to be Mother of All. She is the source of all waters, and “Mother whose children are the fish.” All life is thought to have begun in the sea.

I look to her as I live my dreams to be near the waters.

As I patiently wait for the right time to move towards the ocean I design my life here and now. I work with water to spread nourishment, love, peace, and creativity throughout myself and others. Exploring water as a medium in a place where we are limited, in the city, in the fast paced environment. My dream of now is very close to being real. In the private space of my backyard I will be able to offer moon bathing. A bath tub filled with fresh herbs and flowers, soaking under the moon, waiting to emotionally support all who enter.


In preparation for this experience I have been working with Marshmallow Root, herb of water, herb of moon and Venus together. This was the first plant I ever witnessed an obvious form of miraculous science. She gave up her physical essence quite easily. I burned with her outside on a Monday, under the sun, to the pleasant music of a friend in California. As I watched the flames I saw the creation of small golden mica-like flecks. I almost couldn’t believe it. I looked for an answer, a reason, but gave up my thoughts to mystery. She so easily wants to help. When I reunited all her parts into her perfect form I tasted her for the first time. She is very loving to all parts of the body, and shows to me how to flow despite stagnation or emotional stress. Just GIVE, she says, and RECEIVE. She is tenderness in abundance.


The gold flecks on the white rose above are the crystals the Marshmallow Root Produced when turned to ash. Waters are like crystals. They carry with them a vibrational frequency. So, our thoughts are important, how we direct our energy effects the planet, all water is connected.


See listing of Marhsmallow Root online here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/188167714/alchemy-marshmallow-root-spagyric?



These are notes taken from one of my witnessing movement meditation sessions.

The topic was involved in exploring POSTURE in “between places”


to Allow


Power within

so light but so strong


strength yet delicacy

the fall into surrender is courageous but scary

I see undefined place

Frozen in time

The experience of struggle

Falling and getting up

Busting open

Never feels safe but I aim

Sometimes in a nervous retrieval

Processing the chaos

This is a child playing

Testing where to go

Without force

Doing things without reason

In between

Do or die

Active water

The tides flows in and out

Letting go to bring it back

“Invent” – to find

holding and drawing

in and surrendering movement

afraid of nothing

remembering and letting go

small fast ripples


“Moon” Salutations on the Full Blood Moon


I invite you to cultivate with me the moons soothing energy, “pouring itself into the world in the form of vivifying rain.”

Join us outside under the possibly glowing red tinted moon, the special night of April 15th, 2014.

At 9p.m., we will begin our moon salutation flow to the singing bowls of Eli Welborne – if all flows as hoped. Fingers crossed.

This will be in the back of The Center Spot, off of North Loop Blvd. (right next to Epoch Coffee house)

This will no doubt be a magical, rejuvenating, and healing experience. Beginning and ending with mediation.

We will take a moment upside down to draw vital fluids from the lower chakras to the crown chakra, our moon, where they would be transformed into amrita (also referred to as soma). Cooling and replenishing our vitality, savoring spontaneous movements that  come when we are receptive to our innate inner wisdom and rippling light throughout our entire being.

I will provide a moon blend of herbal tea AND I will bring home-made mosquito spray just in case the mosquitoes linger after dark.

Save the DATE!

Check out the studio location: http://www.northloopcenterspot.com/

See the bug spray at Las Cruxes: http://shop.lascruxes.com/product/ritual-union-bug-repellant-vanilla-sage-deodorant



Boost yang by opposing it just a little

This pose is restoring equilibrium in the nervous system

releasing tension in spine, massaging stomach

activating parasympathetic system

nourishing neural pathways, spirit

 A gentle yet deep way to stimulate circulation

 when we relax we increase our performance

our flexibility, our adaptability

 sometimes it feels intense to release

and explore the senses

 the body and mind connect

through our lengthening and deepening


 realize where you are holding on to what you don’t need

 and pause where you are tender

YIN practices are a special way of balancing our core

regulating the flow of energy throughout the body

 it reminds me of being bathed in the sun and the moon

 being in love

 refreshing springs


 this practice clears the mind

 cleans the heart

grounds and centers us

once a week can make a difference

 taking care of yourself

 will allow you to take care of others

 I do this because I have a dream

 on this planet for all our growth and harmony

 think of it as a seed that is being prepared

for birth


See The Center Spot schedule, Sunday at 4:30pm