“Moon” Salutations on the Full Blood Moon

by Ritual Union with Brandi


I invite you to cultivate with me the moons soothing energy, “pouring itself into the world in the form of vivifying rain.”

Join us outside under the possibly glowing red tinted moon, the special night of April 15th, 2014.

At 9p.m., we will begin our moon salutation flow to the singing bowls of Eli Welborne – if all flows as hoped. Fingers crossed.

This will be in the back of The Center Spot, off of North Loop Blvd. (right next to Epoch Coffee house)

This will no doubt be a magical, rejuvenating, and healing experience. Beginning and ending with mediation.

We will take a moment upside down to draw vital fluids from the lower chakras to the crown chakra, our moon, where they would be transformed into amrita (also referred to as soma). Cooling and replenishing our vitality, savoring spontaneous movements that  come when we are receptive to our innate inner wisdom and rippling light throughout our entire being.

I will provide a moon blend of herbal tea AND I will bring home-made mosquito spray just in case the mosquitoes linger after dark.

Save the DATE!

Check out the studio location: http://www.northloopcenterspot.com/

See the bug spray at Las Cruxes: http://shop.lascruxes.com/product/ritual-union-bug-repellant-vanilla-sage-deodorant