Brandi is living in Austin TX, working from inside her little home, currently focusing on all practices in the alignment of alchemical principles.  Within the procedures of any alchemy there is inner alchemy, which affects the operator as well. Each procedure can become a very transformative meditation as we consciously relate ourselves to our subject matter. Philosophically driven to live her life from her heart, the place of eternal nature, she combines self with her process, finding really what is most essential in our life and continuing from there in her intentions.

Lotions and tinctures are made to beautify heart, mind, spirit, with focus on the corpus elementarus. She has a love of origin, latin, things which bring us to the center, and the truth – all in the ends and the beginnings – where transformation finds gravity.

She uses both herbs and crystals to manifest balancing products. Lotions are created for purposes of cleansing, clearing, grounding, centering, protecting, and moisturizing and pampering skin with natural and fresh edible herbs and ingredients. She believes in practices, which nourish the nervous system, which is why she works under the name Ritual Union. She instructs in Deep Yin Restorative Yoga philosophy and provides nourishing services such as hair rinses, flower / moon baths, meditations, and dream conversations.

“As we work on the matter, the matter is working on us.”

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