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The Lightening Rose

I woke up with the waning full moon the dawn after Christmas. I was rolling around in my heart, twinkling in the dream world a moment more.  I had bathed a dear friend in rose water.  I had witnessed her pray in a contemplative silence, a wee grimness cloaked her in a black cloth of grief. With each wash of rose water the heaviness of the world seemed to unlatch itself from her body and her spirits lightened.  Her smile exclaimed don’t miss any part of me! More and more of her rich and tonified spirit revealed through moments passing. I continued to rinse her with rose waters  until she entered a pure joy.  Apprently, that looks like white lingerie. There was a spirit in a body with a blinding light smile in white lingerie standing before me. Free, whole, and ecstatic feeling radiance came from her from the core to the skin and beyond. Her sun was born.

The previous night she talked with me in a dream. We conversed about the art of manifesting creativity, which to me is joy – it was sobering and clear that this process is a direct dream meditation to slide into waking conscious knowledge.  We spoke our dream words into an infusion of running water and Fulgarite.  The power of the physical lightening transplanted into our bodies. With the motivation to harness the beauty of life through love, I thoughtfully gathered myself when I awoke. I strayed from the house, the recent flourish of December roses leading my dewy eyes.  Into Austin I roamed, hoaned into the hynotic power of the rose. Being a native Central Texan, I am used to the warm winters. I felt saturated with the comfortable stillness of the pre-storm overcast. Gently stimulated by the slightest color I set foot to meet nearly every rose out there.

All aside, on a peaceful mission, with the adventure comes lessons. I had humanly thought, what a sweet and undramatic day it would be to harvest roses and gratefully make hydrosol. I had witnessed the pleasures it provided time and time again to people I saw on my path. So heavily surprised was I to see how much I needed this medicine. How it settled us humans just in presence.  It made us soften. It made the stoic smile.  Yet, I still had a few instances in the day of strife with my feelings and angry and guarded outbursts . Yes, call me a flower child but also a real human being. I began to reflect on the many times I had asked the universe to guide me into true love. I gently acknowledged the work that came with this prayer by having some compassion for myself. Just like a rose, love has many shapes, colors, tastes, and aromas.  Peace seems like a jig saw puzzle sometimes, jenga to be more exact. The removal of obstacles to get in touch with that philosopher’s stone in the center of your self. I’m pulling out some pieces, making mistakes, and asking for compassion too. I am the one responsible for being most compassionate to those who trigger a twinge of pain within. The rose is the one I call on to encourage more determination on this path to respect – in all my realtions, and in all the forms of existence.

I worked with these roses and their messages all day, into the night, and all winter. Each bottle I made has a fulgarite lightning stone inside of it. Olivia has always been careful of me to feel touched by her love, and she has bee ncareful to touch others with her love.  Come to find out we are all incredibly responsive to it, like the sun! It is an incredible feeling. I do not only want her to feel that in return but also I want that for everyone. It is so important! I am going to feel more, see more, receive more, and give more. My dear friend sets the bar high and it is beautiful.  And there are so many of you that I know setting the bar high and I’m so grateful for you and the work you do as peace keepers.  I feel well on the way to being a peaceful warrior, knowing with this comes hardship and fun too. I vow to make peace, by being peace.

These bottles of Lightening Rose are holy water, to be used with prayers, for instantaneous compassion, and passionate purpose. I love the work we do together. I love the work we all do together. Mist and pray for peace. Meditate, pass it on. We can do it. Starting small, within and rippling out. I invite all to seek what is your keeping the peace medicine. Spread the word, spread your love.

p.s. – meditation makes us better lovers


the oFTEN uNSEEN & Anemone berlandieri

After not writing for almost half a year, I’m provoked to muse into the  adrift storages of defeat, disappointment, lethargy, loneliness, and many other feelings we relish in when identifying ourselves as we mode into some dis-preferred moments of uncertainty. I have had to ask my self what keeps me going plenty and almost daily. A lot of my existence is devotional & in purposeful pursuit of understanding, and now bringing forth childlike play to the less innocent adult universe. Since a child, I have been webbed into paradox, and amazed by the double vision of light and dark – in many situations. I have wondered about life and the seemingly guaranteed disappointments. Happiness really takes courage. “Happiness is finding joy in sudden disappointment.” Some shaman said that. That moment on after hearing that, I realized how much in myself I had blocked from so many accessing my rich and fertile happiness.

I walk outside to concentrate, or to be aware, to have peace of mind and massage the ongoing connection to the world somehow inside. The sun is a tuning fork on my senses, and across my pupils shadows soothe and light blends a freckled feeling of radiance. I feel like a cat, slightly spastic with sensation yet calm. I twist my ankle all of a sudden (metaphor for shocking disappointment) and I’m impacted with a stinging flood and panic inflames. Ideally, I stay breathing and not fleeting as I witness the body stricken and I coo my resisting surrender. I stay still, remembering my lessons from Anemone berlandieri (relative of windflower). She pats me on my head, she pats and pets my head until I loosen the grip of expectation, who I am stamps meaningful symbols all through out my comprehending self. I’m asked to completely let go (often), but how often I realize I’m squeezing some fist (even in the famous yogic corpse pose, in beauty sleep, monitoring patterns of stress enveloping a tensioned hope in dreams). I’m well aware of the grip. We all know about pain, and the subdued feelings we might be avoiding. We pack it down into our bodies, like clay, then something cracks us open and the fixed attitude resurfaces.  When it rains it pours. It is not necessarily a bad thing. Behold the silver lining.

In the moment of unremovable pain, what is the pain?

Humans have resistance to change. I am human so I speak for humans. Change is as valuable as breath. Breath bathes the soul and creates safe place for processing fear. The soul is to flow like a river, probably never on the same route, ever adapting and softening the ground beneath the course. We have a chance to repattern our reaction yet again. We twinge and glow in a silver lining. Someone looks at you and they see your potential, or rather they just see you. You look in the mirror and you just see that humbled you, and you glow.

He dumped me means I may have to change the way I auto-pilot, most definitely we freak out about the change in comfort, starting over, difficult rebirth. I twist my ankle and now I’m grateful to remember how to walk, to communicate the feet.  As now awareness of how I walk has increased, I am rehabilitating through mindful slowness, and my ego is dissolving -my identity inherently will change.

I have been told much of my life that I am a shape shifter, that I am weird, that I am bold, and many other possibilities. I am an investigator of the unseen, the design of consciousness, delving into the roots of the origin, attempting to untie the unconscious knot being presented in every situation, every disappointment, and yes this can layover existential dilemmas, hence the need for this post in a nut shell.

I want to remind everyone to challenge your resistance and reflect on choice. Underneath our broken hearts is a reservoir of resilient lions playing a wild song of strength and innocence. I could go on writing about the silver lining in every imaginable hue of the Ouroborus – but really, I just wanted to inspire maybe just a few humans, to listen, to be gentle, to lay off the pedal and open the palm in the awry, for the moment is pure.

If you want to learn more about Anemone berlandieri please ask. I am studying the plant world and relationships betwixt. I’d be happy to converse with you more.

see http://www.ritualunion.us for products and more information about botanical practices.


A Day with Ritual Union and Arnica – By Katie Walsh

Arnica Salt

Arnica Physical Essence

On Monday Brandi taught me how to make spagyric.

What was spagyric? I’d never made one before, but had noticed that the white sage she’d given me, which tasted just like tincture, said “spagyric.”

She explained it to me. I was freaking fascinated. Suddenly I didn’t understand why we’d ever make tincture any other way. This seemed complete, holistic, honoring all stages and levels of being of the plant.

She gathered up a spoon, a lighter, a bottle of everclear, and a ceramic bowl of arnica flowers I’d just squeezed tincture from. We sat outside under the carport and took a moment to connect, as she guided me through an energetic distillation.

I felt my root extending deep down into the Earth, pulling back up into my body a steadfast wisdom I knew but didn’t fully understand. I felt my life force surging upward, my creative sexuality bursting from my womb like amber flames, my power beaming from my belly like a blinding sun, my love gently reaching out from my chest in all directions, saturating the air like pink-tinged ivy climbing on the wind.

She described the heart as the heating element, cooking and bubbling, and I began to feel as the “steam” climbed through my throat, my sinuses, my pineal, up and out of my head, a crystalline mist emanating from my crown.

My smile had widened as far as it could and I began to feel tears forming at the corners of my eyes as the energy condensed and dripped back down, coating the pranic tube with a silvery pure clarity as it did. I breathed deeply into the heartspace, feeling my consciousness settling here, bathed in silvery light and the buzzing of activation.

Brandi had been talking again, and I had to pull myself back down onto the warm concrete to make out what she was saying. I gazed down as she scooped some of the flowers into the spoon and attempted to light them. They flickered for a moment and then faded. She drizzled and stirred in some everclear and did it again, this time lighting an instant and steady spoonful of flame.

“Do you just burn it one spoonful at a time?” I asked.

“Watch,” she said, dropping the burning flowers back into the bowl. The entire mass of arnica sparkled as the fire spread out and caught in every corner. I was nearly hypnotized by the magic of it. She quietly left me to tend it and I sat in a half-trance, stirring, turning, lost in the flame, witnessing something deep and ancient within myself.

I was taken back. Back into a space where I’d done this hundreds of times. Something about it was so familiar, certain, but still mysterious and curious. I flickered between solid presence in the moment, and a drifting feeling like I was watching this process from behind someone else’s eyes.

The flame flickered with me, drawing me back as it petered out so that I could light it again. We danced together, fading in and out of this place and somewhere else.

I watched as the flowers curled into white-crusted soot, folding in on themselves, gathering together closer and tighter to the bottom of the bowl. The flame just hovered now, gliding across the surface, and as I followed its edges with my eyes I was asked to blow.

I pulled the breath from my heart and sent a gentle stream into the ash, which immediately jumped up and scattered. I sheltered the edges of the bowl with my hands and blew again, this time feeding the embers and watching as they lit up and glowed just below the chalky surface. It occurred to me that I was being gifted with the sight of my own energy, infusing and energizing the energy of arnica. And just then, I noticed that the shape of the glowing mass had fashioned itself into a heart.

Once the smoldering died and the ash fell to rest, we bathed, strained, and boiled it in her last few ounces of distilled water. I hovered over the dish, watching as the crystals formed at the bottom, and after all of the water had dried, scraped them clean.

I thought that I might feel something intense or significant when we combined the crystals back into the tincture, but I didn’t. I waited for a jolting moment of completeness, searching for something…but instead found that mysterious knowing again. A stillness had come over me and Brandi too. What was it?

With one breath I knew: Completion doesn’t wait until the final step is finished; oneness doesn’t disappear in duality or separation. Even before we begin we are complete; even when we are pulled into pieces we are whole.

It didn’t make much sense to me at the time, it sounded like some sort of contrary abstract esoteric dribble. I let it go, I shared a rose and honey face wash and oat and clay facemask with Brandi, poured some prickly pear fruit and clove syrup into bottles.

And then on the drive home I remembered that sudden moment when she’d pulled the jar from the cabinet. Something strange occurred to me. It was never a jar of alcohol-soaked arnica flowers at all; even in that moment, it was already the spagyric, separated into its parts, already whole and complete, beckoning through our hands and our spirits, through fire and inspiration, to bring it into itself.

In life, we strive to become. We juggle half-formed ideas and skills, often yearning for that day when it will all “come together.” We extract wisdom from experience, we burn away what no longer holds substance for us, we distill down what we wish to retain, we return the pieces back into ourselves.

But even before we begin we are complete; even when we are pulled into pieces we are whole. The gift and the goal is the process itself. This is the wisdom spagyric spoke to me.

Freedom in the middle of Fear

I was asked to create a formula for handling fear. I extracted my first thoughts, nostalgically inspired by “First thought, Best thought.” – Arthur Russel, an amazing jazz musician that helped me get through a vortex of depression once upon a time.

How can we empower our instincts?

So, like I did this skate trick over fear… in answering this question. My thoughts on addressing it were to just steer it. I don’t see the point of nose diving into fear if we can just trump it with courage. I spoke with my dear friend Olivia Pepper at Crystal Works, and it was like we turned the same page at the same time. She said something like why don’t we create something friendly and nourishing… something inviting. Isn’t that what we feel when we are guided – by epiphany or something like that?

The depths of our suffering are charging our chariot but so is the ecstasy of feeling the clearing. This is where I began my inspiration for the formula.

In my heart I know. It is the only place I know and I do my best to protect its truth and to not deny it with doubt.

I baby my heart.

My baby needs mom and dad.

In the plant world my mom and dad I identified, just how I came into this world.

I chose them, I said its you… and here came this little star.


Turmeric and Rosehips

Rose Hips calm, invigorate, and support immunity, high in vitamin C, and toning. Rose hips have flared in my imagination before I ever became experienced with her, even though she is the more humble aspect of a rose, she has been strongly there. I have always been a friend of the rose family, a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose, so it goes. I guess in a way I have always known her, my ninja style feminine heroine. She is my silent yet brightening wise guidance, plant of venus, love, listening, creative energy.

Turmeric soothes and protects our bodily structure (aide to the better flow of energy through the joints), may make clearings in the brain, and unblock the pineal gland (affected by flouride in our water), improves digestion and assimilation.  I like to be held in a safe masculine embrace like this. He also helps to prevent cancer – the disease of chaotic reactions. Turmeric helps affirm strong foundation to grow from.

In finality I infused red jasper stone with these two.

I have become intimately aware of red jasper’s warm and protective salve like presence that helps me to simply side step my fears, my emptiness, my void – to enjoy empowerment in chance / the elements of secrets.  I call the strongest of sides to come together, the strongest masculine and feminine are together in an unstoppable united force – hurling with it a loving energy like a warrior stone.

Portraying strength from the masculine and the feminine, balancing each other like the yin and yang, embracing each other tightly, firm in their communion – my heart settles inside. When I taste this marriage its like my eyes get wet and see what I couldn’t see before. I let my lips tell me what I need most. I silence and drive the chariot sweetly and directly towards my desire.

I have been moving slow for sometime now, as if it were a lifetime, but also a phase, as I see time infinitely, counting the moons of my existence.


My tincture is a reminder to my self – every time I taste it – of what I gracefully rise to – what I become closer to.


Don’t be afraid – L O V E

We have power in our vulnerability.

We have power in our surrender.

We all understand this differently but universally.


What am I overcoming?  Show me how to feel you metaphorical mountain.

I heard a song the other night that taught me something about my struggle with fear. It’s something like this… and you may identify with it too.

“translucent moth wings made of dangerous tears, thousands of invisible eyes that see into your soul…”

These lyrics spoke to something deep down in the bottom of my oceanic experience.

I desire to create clarity in all environment and transmute suffering in this understanding:

Heart pounding – the clear sensation of fear.

(The clear sensation)

I think of being in the sea, swimming with intrigue, with openness to the wild and uncontrollable mystery.

I am very wild and thats the way I like it.  It takes a lot of courage.

And I have known this. I am not the only one. You are not the only one.


“Once or twice in a lifetime

A man or woman may choose

A radical leaving, having heard

Lech l’cha — Go forth.


God disturbs us toward our destiny

By hard events

And by freedom’s now urgent voice

Which explode and confirm who we are.


We don’t like leaving,

But God loves becoming.”


To you who journeys, I love you, keep going.

. “Religio” means to reconnect.

Courage is everything, for putting your best self forward.

This formula may help us to assert ourselves where we need to take command from situations to see through the wider lens on the path. To see your path amongst the world. When you bite, bite with love, and bite to the core.

The letting go process is about relinquishing control and allowing the energy to flow through you. Open hearts to solutions, newness, creativity in quality of life, flow  – to flow in and clear out stagnancy, resistance, toxins, active awareness. Clean up the residue of the past rapids.  Reprogram.

This tincture blend about freedom in the middle of fear is for self-empowerment and trusting yourself.

Marshmallow Root, Mother of the Waves Star of the Seas


She is motherly and strongly protective. She cares deeply for all her children, cleansing them of sorrow. She does not easily lose her temper but when she does she can become destructive and violent like the Sea in a storm.

Yamaya, the Goddess of the living ocean, is considered to be Mother of All. She is the source of all waters, and “Mother whose children are the fish.” All life is thought to have begun in the sea.

I look to her as I live my dreams to be near the waters.

As I patiently wait for the right time to move towards the ocean I design my life here and now. I work with water to spread nourishment, love, peace, and creativity throughout myself and others. Exploring water as a medium in a place where we are limited, in the city, in the fast paced environment. My dream of now is very close to being real. In the private space of my backyard I will be able to offer moon bathing. A bath tub filled with fresh herbs and flowers, soaking under the moon, waiting to emotionally support all who enter.


In preparation for this experience I have been working with Marshmallow Root, herb of water, herb of moon and Venus together. This was the first plant I ever witnessed an obvious form of miraculous science. She gave up her physical essence quite easily. I burned with her outside on a Monday, under the sun, to the pleasant music of a friend in California. As I watched the flames I saw the creation of small golden mica-like flecks. I almost couldn’t believe it. I looked for an answer, a reason, but gave up my thoughts to mystery. She so easily wants to help. When I reunited all her parts into her perfect form I tasted her for the first time. She is very loving to all parts of the body, and shows to me how to flow despite stagnation or emotional stress. Just GIVE, she says, and RECEIVE. She is tenderness in abundance.


The gold flecks on the white rose above are the crystals the Marshmallow Root Produced when turned to ash. Waters are like crystals. They carry with them a vibrational frequency. So, our thoughts are important, how we direct our energy effects the planet, all water is connected.


See listing of Marhsmallow Root online here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/188167714/alchemy-marshmallow-root-spagyric?


These are notes taken from one of my witnessing movement meditation sessions.

The topic was involved in exploring POSTURE in “between places”


to Allow


Power within

so light but so strong


strength yet delicacy

the fall into surrender is courageous but scary

I see undefined place

Frozen in time

The experience of struggle

Falling and getting up

Busting open

Never feels safe but I aim

Sometimes in a nervous retrieval

Processing the chaos

This is a child playing

Testing where to go

Without force

Doing things without reason

In between

Do or die

Active water

The tides flows in and out

Letting go to bring it back

“Invent” – to find

holding and drawing

in and surrendering movement

afraid of nothing

remembering and letting go

small fast ripples


“Moon” Salutations on the Full Blood Moon


I invite you to cultivate with me the moons soothing energy, “pouring itself into the world in the form of vivifying rain.”

Join us outside under the possibly glowing red tinted moon, the special night of April 15th, 2014.

At 9p.m., we will begin our moon salutation flow to the singing bowls of Eli Welborne – if all flows as hoped. Fingers crossed.

This will be in the back of The Center Spot, off of North Loop Blvd. (right next to Epoch Coffee house)

This will no doubt be a magical, rejuvenating, and healing experience. Beginning and ending with mediation.

We will take a moment upside down to draw vital fluids from the lower chakras to the crown chakra, our moon, where they would be transformed into amrita (also referred to as soma). Cooling and replenishing our vitality, savoring spontaneous movements that  come when we are receptive to our innate inner wisdom and rippling light throughout our entire being.

I will provide a moon blend of herbal tea AND I will bring home-made mosquito spray just in case the mosquitoes linger after dark.

Save the DATE!

Check out the studio location: http://www.northloopcenterspot.com/

See the bug spray at Las Cruxes: http://shop.lascruxes.com/product/ritual-union-bug-repellant-vanilla-sage-deodorant



Boost yang by opposing it just a little

This pose is restoring equilibrium in the nervous system

releasing tension in spine, massaging stomach

activating parasympathetic system

nourishing neural pathways, spirit

 A gentle yet deep way to stimulate circulation

 when we relax we increase our performance

our flexibility, our adaptability

 sometimes it feels intense to release

and explore the senses

 the body and mind connect

through our lengthening and deepening


 realize where you are holding on to what you don’t need

 and pause where you are tender

YIN practices are a special way of balancing our core

regulating the flow of energy throughout the body

 it reminds me of being bathed in the sun and the moon

 being in love

 refreshing springs


 this practice clears the mind

 cleans the heart

grounds and centers us

once a week can make a difference

 taking care of yourself

 will allow you to take care of others

 I do this because I have a dream

 on this planet for all our growth and harmony

 think of it as a seed that is being prepared

for birth


See The Center Spot schedule, Sunday at 4:30pm



INNER SUN – Masculine Heart Elixir


I am not sure what it even means

I am coming to peace with this

wanting to be made of both male and female

sex in my heart

I have a desire to heal masculinity as much as

I have desire to heal femininity


together is a powerful form

pulling through

thread of combined spirits

opening though it hurts

because I want to know more than pain

“Pain doesn’t stem from the love we’re denied by others, but rather from the love that we deny them. It feels as though we’re hurt by what someone else did. But what really has occurred is that someone else’s closed heart has tempted us to close our own, and it is our own denial of love that hurts. That’s why the miracle is a shift in our own thinking: the willingness to keep our own heart open, regardless of what’s going on outside us.” M. Williamson

I created the INNER SUN tincture in the power of 3

my main message is love

even if from the deepest darkest cave

I am sparking

in safety, relaxation, growth

I refuse to grow dim

and I surrender to fire

walking through it well

in the physical





Breast Salvation

To self –

I commit to you

I promise

you truth, I love you

– deeply –

I dive

You are

a sacred garden

I live for the responsibility

My cup overflows

an abundant root health

My medicine is sensual

giving love

I care for you more than I know

I too am able to care in incredible strength for others

We charm the world

with our recipe

I toast to you eternally

in happiness

in honor


your unique shape

is an unconditional freedom

you know what’s keeping you here

and you live

to share your gift

keep giving

I give to you

Massaging breasts every day helps you know them very well, to appreciate them, to detoxify, to nourish and tonify the tissues, to perk them up, to clear them of cystitis, to cleanse lymphatic system – promoting healthy relationship with breasts. Ritual Union has made a special breast salve for daily care. It makes your breasts smell like a delicious bakery too.

One of my practices in building a loving relationship with myself is to care for my breasts, not just as sexual tools, but a place of my heart. I like to draw the infinity symbol around them with loving intention – for masculine and feminine unity.  “Be balance forever.”  I use something I make, called  Breast Salvation.