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Freedom in the middle of Fear

I was asked to create a formula for handling fear. I extracted my first thoughts, nostalgically inspired by “First thought, Best thought.” – Arthur Russel, an amazing jazz musician that helped me get through a vortex of depression once upon a time.

How can we empower our instincts?

So, like I did this skate trick over fear… in answering this question. My thoughts on addressing it were to just steer it. I don’t see the point of nose diving into fear if we can just trump it with courage. I spoke with my dear friend Olivia Pepper at Crystal Works, and it was like we turned the same page at the same time. She said something like why don’t we create something friendly and nourishing… something inviting. Isn’t that what we feel when we are guided – by epiphany or something like that?

The depths of our suffering are charging our chariot but so is the ecstasy of feeling the clearing. This is where I began my inspiration for the formula.

In my heart I know. It is the only place I know and I do my best to protect its truth and to not deny it with doubt.

I baby my heart.

My baby needs mom and dad.

In the plant world my mom and dad I identified, just how I came into this world.

I chose them, I said its you… and here came this little star.


Turmeric and Rosehips

Rose Hips calm, invigorate, and support immunity, high in vitamin C, and toning. Rose hips have flared in my imagination before I ever became experienced with her, even though she is the more humble aspect of a rose, she has been strongly there. I have always been a friend of the rose family, a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose, so it goes. I guess in a way I have always known her, my ninja style feminine heroine. She is my silent yet brightening wise guidance, plant of venus, love, listening, creative energy.

Turmeric soothes and protects our bodily structure (aide to the better flow of energy through the joints), may make clearings in the brain, and unblock the pineal gland (affected by flouride in our water), improves digestion and assimilation.  I like to be held in a safe masculine embrace like this. He also helps to prevent cancer – the disease of chaotic reactions. Turmeric helps affirm strong foundation to grow from.

In finality I infused red jasper stone with these two.

I have become intimately aware of red jasper’s warm and protective salve like presence that helps me to simply side step my fears, my emptiness, my void – to enjoy empowerment in chance / the elements of secrets.  I call the strongest of sides to come together, the strongest masculine and feminine are together in an unstoppable united force – hurling with it a loving energy like a warrior stone.

Portraying strength from the masculine and the feminine, balancing each other like the yin and yang, embracing each other tightly, firm in their communion – my heart settles inside. When I taste this marriage its like my eyes get wet and see what I couldn’t see before. I let my lips tell me what I need most. I silence and drive the chariot sweetly and directly towards my desire.

I have been moving slow for sometime now, as if it were a lifetime, but also a phase, as I see time infinitely, counting the moons of my existence.


My tincture is a reminder to my self – every time I taste it – of what I gracefully rise to – what I become closer to.


Don’t be afraid – L O V E

We have power in our vulnerability.

We have power in our surrender.

We all understand this differently but universally.


What am I overcoming?  Show me how to feel you metaphorical mountain.

I heard a song the other night that taught me something about my struggle with fear. It’s something like this… and you may identify with it too.

“translucent moth wings made of dangerous tears, thousands of invisible eyes that see into your soul…”

These lyrics spoke to something deep down in the bottom of my oceanic experience.

I desire to create clarity in all environment and transmute suffering in this understanding:

Heart pounding – the clear sensation of fear.

(The clear sensation)

I think of being in the sea, swimming with intrigue, with openness to the wild and uncontrollable mystery.

I am very wild and thats the way I like it.  It takes a lot of courage.

And I have known this. I am not the only one. You are not the only one.


“Once or twice in a lifetime

A man or woman may choose

A radical leaving, having heard

Lech l’cha — Go forth.


God disturbs us toward our destiny

By hard events

And by freedom’s now urgent voice

Which explode and confirm who we are.


We don’t like leaving,

But God loves becoming.”


To you who journeys, I love you, keep going.

. “Religio” means to reconnect.

Courage is everything, for putting your best self forward.

This formula may help us to assert ourselves where we need to take command from situations to see through the wider lens on the path. To see your path amongst the world. When you bite, bite with love, and bite to the core.

The letting go process is about relinquishing control and allowing the energy to flow through you. Open hearts to solutions, newness, creativity in quality of life, flow  – to flow in and clear out stagnancy, resistance, toxins, active awareness. Clean up the residue of the past rapids.  Reprogram.

This tincture blend about freedom in the middle of fear is for self-empowerment and trusting yourself.


Harmony Heart Health - Holistic thoughts

“The struggle most lovers live through, on some level, is the harmonizing between our soul purpose, i.e. our desire to connect, and our earth purpose., i.e. our need to individuate. Finding a way to integrate the two is the basic challenge of a spiritually mature love.”

“The answer here is to hold form, but to hold it lightly, like a very simple frame around a beautiful picture.”

Deep and Wintery Freedom

Winter is a time of yin, darkness, receptivity, going inward. As I am preparing for this late winter in Texas I address my resistance to change. I find myself musing about water and its profound malleable and adaptive movement. It is movement I am most inspired by. The soft movement of water entering dreams, our emotions are flexible, and in this time I am reminded of them as the cold naturally slows me down, slows everyone down, we experience stagnation at times, freezing. I have full ability to soar with colors in these gray days….

I have been inspired to make products which speak to me through contact, as I am a being who enjoys the affection of contact and movement. I have designed this lotion so that it has penetrating abilities to nourish deeply. It has a warm wetness that feels like armor from the cold. It moisturizes and prevents dry skin while comforting our skin – our protective vessel is very important – with hydration and armor. (Click image above to see a link to more information about the Winter Salamander Effect.)

I have added desert chaparral. I harvested it in Chinati Springs, Texas, on a beautiful hike at sunset. Giving thanks to the earth, smelling the rainy-like aroma of chaparral which is so vastly abundant amongst the cacti and sage. It is referred to as the rain plant. It has cell-regenerative properties, is used in cancer research, and appeals to my intuition.  As in winter I tend to get the winter blues, I seek to rise above and be as high and free as I can be. Feeling freedom in every possible form. This is where water, again becomes important to me.

Dance is very important to me, feeling fluid, alive, nourished, cleansed, focused. I touch on these qualities of my life because quality of life is important. This lotion is intended to be up to par with quality of life. No preservatives. Organic. Made with love and healing energies in a sacred and safe space of my home.

Movement is my vessel of communication. Marshmallow root grows in the marshes, it knows wetness and feels movement every moment of its life. This plant speaks to me in the winter time as I try to receive change the way marshmallow root soaks up water so abundantly. Marshmallow root is especially soothing to our body’s mucous membranes. I seek these things which have a soothing effect. As I am a practitioner of yin yoga, I seek deeper understanding through the visceral, intentional, long watery poses. As thoughts and emotions sweep over me, I accept them, and move more deeply into my awareness, places of tension that desire attention, understanding, nurturing, and release. We soothe these parts with our breath, the energy which activates our blood flow to awaken our tissues and dark places, hidden emotions.

I acknowledge every part of living. I want to be like a wriggly and flexible amphibian moving with ease through my mind and this life.

Take back the soul this Full Moon

My ritual for this full moon gravitates towards taking back my soul, specifically in my dreams. For years my dreams have involved mostly strangers and being amongst them like bobbing souls in the sea, without bodies to tether us to land or destination. I desire at this time, only to dream of a few people I am close to and to very intentionally work on healing with these people. This is my manifestation tonight and the following days.

Because of this I will make a special formula – to cure these dreams and create ceremony, to initiate these actions in waking life.

Women in the Sky

Let’s be for each other. We are all a part together.